Integrating With Partner Sites/Apps - Embed Codes Not Enough

Many of our partners/clients integrate our videos/players into their websites. Traditionally we have provided embed codes for the select videos to which they have access and all has worked ok. Now some of our partners are asking us for API access to the videos so they can include them in their own custom applications.

I don’t think we can give them direct access to our Kaltura API as they shouldn’t have access to all of our content.

Anyone have suggestions on how to approach this?


You can limit API access to specific actions but in order to help you further, I need to understand what is it exactly you DO want to allow your partners/clients to do.
Please describe the desired flow and what sort of data you do want to allow access to and what the desired end result is and I’ll provide further guidance.



Thanks for the reply. My company produces health education videos which we license to hospitals, doctors, etc. Some of our partners/clients only license a portion of the videos (e.g. Diabetes, Heart Disease, etc.).

The desired data flow would be something like this:

  1. We designate which videos partner/client can access.

  2. Partner/client can access videos and/or Kaltura player via URL (RTMP or HTTP) or via API. In either case we would want to make sure the video is secure and the partner/client is authenticated.

  3. Video/player is displayed in the partner/client’s web or mobile application.

  4. Play data and analytics associated with partner/clients video plays are tracked in Kaltura and visible to us via KMC.

Thanks for your help.