Installing with MySQL set on default (Medium) Password Restrictions


One thing i noticed while going thru the install several times and working my mind around Kaltura is that in the answers file for the config it shows the (auto created) password for the user as a password without any special characters.

MySQL 5.7 (not sure about previous versions) i believe comes default with the password restrictions level of MEDIUM which means that it checks for a special character in the user password. This could cause issue i think because the auto generated password from kaltura install config does not create a password with a special character so it will probably fail.

Changing the PW restriction level to LOW means that MySQL will only check for the default number of characters i believe which is 8 and nothing more. Thats alittle too low i think.

So what is the solution if this is an actual issue? I wish there was a way to disable the check for special character in MySQL and leave the rest of MEDIUM settings, but i dont think there is.

Why dont scripts add special characters to their arrays by default, even a simple $ would suffice?

I have set it for now in my.cnf as follows

Is LOW the better option?

Your thoughts?