Installing Kaltura CE on CentOS


I’m trying to install Kaltura CE following the manual I solved several problems searching in Internet, but now I have not found the solution.

I use a clean EC2 Amazon instance RightImage_CentOS_6.3_x64_v5.8.8.5_EBS (ami-3b7bfc52)

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method Installer::configureSSL() in /tmp/kalturaCEinstaller/installer/Installer.class.php on line 365

362 public function finalizeInstallation ($app)
363 {
364 $this->installRed5($app);
365 $this->configureSSL($app);
366 }

Thank you.

What version are you using?
I would recommend trying to use a different build and package it instead of the latest.
Also this is a simple PHP error, you can probably comment out the code for install SSL if you don’t need it.