Install stable version of Kaltura CE

I am beginner in Kaltura. I followed this link to install the Kaltura CE debian 8.2 . But I have failed.

I want to install the Kaltura CE latest stable version on debian 8.2 .I am getting confused, if I follow this link which version will be installed?

In my previous attempt to install Kaltura CE, I observed there are a lot of configurations of Kaltura.
Can any one please explain step by step installation procedure of Kaltura CE latest Stable version or
provide installation guide?

Thank You


Please share the install log so we can understand exactly where it fails and I’ll gladly help you.

Hi Jess,
Thanks for your reply. Firstly I need to know if I follow this link which version of kaltura will be installed? Is this version stable? I am getting confused about this. If this is not install stable version, what is the procedure to install latest stable version of kaltura?


These guide describe how to install the stable version.
Latest stable at the moment is 10.19.0.