Install CE on Mac OS X


could you tell me how to install Kaltura CEon Mac OS X?
Thank you.


Hi @alvin77,

Kaltura CE runs on Linux distros only. The supported distros are:
RHEL/CentOS 6.n, 7.n, Wheezy [7], Debian Jessie [8], Debian Stretch [9], Ubuntu 14.{04,10}, Ubuntu 16.{04,10}
For a list of deployment guides see:

Of course, you can deploy this on a VM from your Mac, if you’d like.

Hi @alvin77

As @jess mention you could always make a virtual machine with something like VirtualBox or Parallels Desktop® for Mac using one of the officially supported distros. Though, I do not thing this is ideal for production use it is good for development and testing. If you are not farmiliar with either then VirtualBox is open source and free. Parallels Desktop® for Mac is paid software.