Incorrect address generated for live streaming


when I try to setup a Live Streaming with Kmc, it generates this kind of streaming url:

but when I try to configure Adobe Media Encoder it gives a primary name error

Googleing around I found a user suggesting to change the url “kLive” to “live” and it worked for me, the live streaming went online, as I checked here

Then I changed the config file replacing kLive with live but kmc still generate the wrong address, so the embedded player can’t work properly because it is pointing to an invalid url

How I can handle this?
Sorry for multiple posts but I’m not allowed to post more images at once

Thank you


mysql> select name,host_name,url from delivery_profile;

It is possible that you provided a different hostname during the first deployment?
If so, an update statement will fix that.

I’m not sure to had got it… the hostname is correct in both case, but which one it generates is http:/hostname:1935/kLive/?p=101… instead of http:/hostname:1935/live/?p=101… same hostname and port, both corrects btw