In My domain,Kaltura host videos not working properly in IOS 10 version and Ipad devices

Hi Team,

Here we are using kaltura host for loading and playing videos in our site. Here we have used
script to load the video.

As I tried to load the site “” from ourside through IPhone6 - IOS10 device and IPAD mini device, video is not playing in both the devices just the spinning only happened.

Could you please check the script and tell me the script is applicable for IPhone IOS10 devices and IPad devices. if it is not means, tell me the upgraded kaltura script version Or solution and how to use it to fix my issue.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @chriscasmir,

Since this is a SaaS account, best thing to do is contact the support team.
However, if you’ll provide a link to an embedded player, I’ll be happy to take a look.
From your description, I gather the issue is only when playing back from iOS devices? does it play from a desktop machine?
Also, make sure you upgrade the player to the latest version. You can do so by going to KMC->Studio.

here you can identify the issue. this issue can reproduce while using IOS 10 version devices and Ipad device not in desktop machine.

Thanks for your response.

Did you find a solution, we encounter the same problem.

@oferc1, what player version are you using? @chriscasmir, your page uses v2.35, which is quite old. You should both make sure you use v2.48.1. If it still fails, please provide a test URL.

@jess, you are correct.
It works with 2.48.3