I can't register on vpaas, every time bad captcha is reported

in https://vpaas.kaltura.com/register.php, I have input everything, and click “submit”, a page with “BAD CAPTCHA” will show up.

How can I register and try the vpass platform?


I just submitted the form on https://vpaas.kaltura.com/register.php to be on the safe side, worked just fine.
My best suggestion is for you to create a screen recording of your session and send it to me at jess.portnoy at kaltura.com.
Be sure to also open your browser’s dev tools and check for errors under the “Console” tab. Also, which browser are you using?

This issue is resolved when using VPN to accessing register.php page. previously maybe the network is too slow, the “reCAPTCHA” control doesn’t show up.