Hung batch tasks

Hey all,

I’m doing a bunch of CSV bulk imports.Generally they’ve been going just fine, but today i had a few jobs that have hung for some reason. 5 total jobs are hung.

2 are stuck uploading. They’re stuck with a message stating how many bytes have been downloaded. The count isn’t moving and the /opt/kaltura/tmp/imports is empty.
2 are stuck with a message of 'file imported, copied to shared folder.
1 seems to be the CSV import job itself. Perhaps this is the parent of the 4 that are hung.

I’m not sure what happened with these jobs or if it’s worth investigating or just starting them over again. The abort button in the Batch Job interface doesn’t seem to do anything.

I found this forum post that talks about manually changing the status in the db to aborted. Then maybe I can resubmit them in the Failed Task interface, if that actually works :wink:

My questions are:

  1. which logs might contain what happened with these tasks?
  2. if I change the status of the hung jobs to aborted, do I need to restart the batch services or will the status change be realized by the system.
  3. since these are part of a batch import job, will the whole batch import job (I believe there is a separate job for that) be aborted as well or do I need to do that via changing database status as well?

Thanks, as always, for the help!

Just an update here. At some point over night, the system apparently cleaned these tasks up such that they no longer appear in the In Progress Tasks or the In Queue Tasks. Nothing appears in the Failed Tasks dialog, though the batch upload log says there are two entries remaining.

I am going to dig into the bulk upload log and see which tasks seem to be ghosted at this point. I say ghosted because there are no outstanding tasks in the queue, but the bulk upload log seems to still be waiting on two tasks.