html5 player how to edit chapters, why i get Kaltura Secret error

As in subiect - i am trying to edit the chapters in the kaltura sample player:

but i am getting an error:

Missing Kaltura Secret
The chapters editor appears to be missing a valid kaltura secret. Please login.

anyone know what is wrong and how to fix it?

Hello Karol,

Did you look at under the ‘Integrate tab’? it explains what is needed.

The secret can be taken from the KMC, under integration or else, by querying the DB:
mysql> select secret from kaltura.partner where id=$YOURID

thank you Jess i used kaltura secret in developers->test console and it added the chapter.
from the chaptersEdit.qunit.html unfortunatelly i didnt manage to do that even with the kaltura secret

Hello Karol,

Please share your code.

I havent been changing the kaltura code - I use default player from:

with my secret taken from kmc.

Was traying it as well locally but the same problem.

But since i know how to add it from test console or from my external written html page i dont need it to work, I can add the cuePoints from other place. This post can be closed or marked solved.