HTML5 logon, rather than Flash

Users on Mac OSX cannot log into KMC because it constantly looks for Flash (“You must have flash installed” even though it IS installed), and Flash is a dying breed! Is there a way to log onto KMC non-Flash? similar to KAC?


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Hi Kevin,

We are working on a non Flash KMC but there is no definite release date for it yet.

Do note that KMC [and all other Kaltura web fronts for that matter] makes use of the Kaltura APIs to achieve its goals and so, you can build your own interfaces that use the same APIs as an alternative to KMC.

Unfortunately, lack the skill to be savvy enough to make my own logon. Can you give an example of API to assist with logging on?

Jess, could you give me an example of how I could log on otherwise? ie) URL/api? ? Does that exist?


For a user and password login, you need to use:

See more info here:

Like I said, all operations KMC performs are accomplished by making API calls so, anything you see in KMC, can be done using the API.

Hello kevin,

also remember that you can do anything from the KMC using the kaltura APIs

you can enable the basic functions for your mac osx customers via APIs
uploading, adding medatada, etc

in my experience, 50% of the customers does not uses KMC at all


Look here:
and that

Hello. Can you give me an example? (sorry really dense here)