How to track video bitrate?

Hi I’m using IOS SDK in our application, We want to enable to Video bitrate options. So we did it in Android using the fallowing method.
But didn’t find any way to implement in IOS, could anyone please help me out in this ?

mPlayer.getTrackManager().switchTrack(TrackType.VIDEO, 3); This method we used in android

Hey @test_voot,

On AVPlayer it’s not possible (Known Limitation), since our SDK is based on AVPlayer (The only iOS core player) you can’t set a bitrate with our SDK.
Apple attached some API from iOS8 for preferredPeakBitRate:
This will be supported in future version on our SDK.


cc @oren_melamed, @itay_kinnrot

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Thanks for the replay. And I will implement as you said.