How to test if MySQL read scaling is working ok?


I configured a Master-Slave MySQL servers
and configured the db.ini to put the slave’s IP into propel2 and propel3
but how can I test that the database reads are being balanced?

thank you very much!


/opt/kaltura/log/kaltura_api_v3.log should show where the data is being pulled from.
You can also check the slave to see connections are being made to it.

Thank you very much Jess!

I test it and my master db is processing around 80% of the querys
and my slave server is processing only around 20%

how can I configure this so my master server is less loaded with querys?

any clue?

thank you!!!

Hello, My master server is still serving the 90% of the querys, my secondary server is not helping much, how to test that propel connections are balancing the db reads?

I dont think I have configured ok :frowning:

another questions

do you recommand me to use master-master to load balance my mysql servers?

should I enable slow querys on my mysql servers?

thank you very much


Please follow this doc to enable query cache:

When query cache is enabled, the server intelligently chooses between master / slave. Anything that was not changed recently is read from slave and otherwise from master.

This should help matters.

As far as master-master, in our SaaS, we do work like that so you can certainly try it. That said, most CE and OnPrem setups are using master-slave.

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for this appreciable information
it seems that this is what I was missing

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