How to search users, categories and channels by partner related data

I’m looking for a way to programmatically bind MediaSpace categories and channels to my current LMS organizational units (OUs).

  1. Is there any way to, say, add to a MediaSpace category/channel some ID value that matches an ID of an LMS OU and use this ID in query search requests?
  2. It there any way to bind MediaSpace user to an external LMS OU specifying OU’s ID somewhere in user’s attributes and later search all users that have the same ID value?

Thanks in advance!


In general, most of what KMS [Kaltura MediaSpace] does is achieved by making API calls to the Kaltura server.
Using the API, you can create categories and also manage them. So, whatever you wish to do exactly, in general - the answer is yes.

You have not mentioned which LMS you are using but Kaltura has plugins for many of these and you are of course welcome to develop [and hopefully share:)] plugins to any LMS system we currently do not have an integration with.

As far as authenticating and authorizing users, I’d say most LMS systems support LDAP integrations and KMS does as well. And so, if you configure both your LMS and KMS to use an LDAP, you can manage your common users through it.

To learn how to use our API, you can start by reading:

And there is also:

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