How to retrieve Metadatas from Java Script


I created new Metadatas entries where I save titles in differents languages as you can see in the next capture:

My question is how I can retrieve for the information of each using mediaProxy.entryMetadata because of I want to get the text with JavaScript Player.

I’m not sure if it has to be mediaProxy.entryMetadata.title_en, or mediaProxy.entryMetadata.LanguageTitles.title_en

I’ve tried these options and I was not able to get the text from metadata (by example title_en or title_de when it has text of course):

So any suggestion?

thank you


Hi @lluisribes,

I am not sure I understand… if the goal is to display closed captions [subtitles] in multiple languages then there is no need to use the custom metadata APIs at all.
What you need for that is the captions API. You can see how to work with that here:

If you wish to add captions using KMC, rather than using the API, you can add captions by going to the entry’s drill down screen [click on the entry name on the “content” tab and go to to “Captions” on the left pane.

Regardless, if you’re interested in learning how to work with the metadata APIs look here:

But I won’t recommend using that to store captions, since the caption APIs are specifically meant to support this and of course are used by the player as well.

Hi Jess,

I want to display the information from the metadata. The metadata doesn’t have the captions (for this purpose we use the caption functionality as you say) but the title of the video in each language.

The question is that I don’t know how to use mediaProxy.entryMetadata when the Medatada has a schema like id:6->LanguageTitles->tite_en, title_de, title_fr …



Hi Lluís,

I see. Please look at
That walks you through creating schemas, adding data and also retrieving it.
Should be a good starting point.