How to "like" videos?

I’m still searching some feature for an anonymous user to like a video. Is there any feature in the player studio I have to select first?
I’m using a fresh 10.8 CE installation.


I am afraid the like feature requires the user to be logged in to the system.
We do not offer anonymous liking mechanism at the moment.

But how would it work for logged in users? In the preview of the videos I can’t see any like function. Anyone having a link to some documentation for that function?
And what user has to be created using the CE version of Kaltura to be able to login and vote for any video?


This functionality is not part of the player itself. You need to create a graphic widget for it yourself.
The API service is called like, the code would be along the lines of:
$client = new KalturaClient($config);
$entryId = ‘’;
$likePlugin = KalturaLikeClientPlugin::get($client);
$result = $likePlugin->like->like($entryId);

Any valid Kaltura user [kuser] can make the call.