How to integrated NGINX-VOD-Packager with DRM MultRights

I’m trying to test NGINX-based VOD Packager following
I played clear VoD (hls and dash) with local mode and mapped mode.
Now I would like to integrate with DRM System (My DRM System for test lab is Verimatrix MultiRights).
They have URL to integrate with Encoder over 2 API: Create the content and Creat/Retrieve key
I have already performed 2 API and have the response from DRM Server include (KeyID, key, DRM SystemID, pssh…).
But now I do not know add these parameters to Packager Server. Which config do I need to add to nginx.conf? I see some parameters for Packager as: vod_drm_upstream_location, vod_drm_request_uri but I do not know how to use them.
Please help me about this issue.
Many thanks.


Please see

I read before I post this issue on the forum.
But I do not know the syntax to put vod_drm_upstream_location and vod_drm_request_uri on the nginx.conf
DRM Server has responded key, key_id, pssh on my Nginx-vod-packager Server (I run syntax contact PUT /cei/v1.1/content/{contentId}/position/{position}/key?siteId={siteId} on command line)
Please give me an advise.

Does anyone help me this issue? :slightly_smiling_face:
With Bento4 packager, I have a command to push some infomations of DRM system (key, keyID, PSSH…) as: --widevine-header="#PSSH DATA" --encryption-key=”KeyIDHex:KeyHex” video-source.mp4
How can I put with NGINX VOD Packager?

Hi @Anh_phan,

The README includes a description of the expected value for each and every directive.
That said, EZDRM has a good guide here:

You can use it as reference for integration with your own DRM system.