How to install kaltura v9+?

Hi guys, first of all let me thank you for all the effort you make to make kaltura accesible to all. In this discussion is said that we need to use kaltura v9+ to make the html5 v2+ work properly, so I tried to install from (as proposed by @oferc in the same post).

First, I fulfilled all the prerequesites for installation, and runned Install.php. From there, the installer gets the server from github, and does some svn checkouts, And after that it tries a ssh connection to, but the connection fails.

Error message says connect to host port 22: Connection refused
And execution point is:
[exec] Executing command: svn -q --config-option config:tunnels:ssh=“ssh -i /home/admin/installer/directoryConstructor/svn_private_key.rsa” checkout svn+ssh:// “/opt/kaltura/apps/clipapp/v1.0.5”

I already checked iptables and oppened port 22… what could be wrong?