How to get per user activity log

Hello Kaltura experts,

Is there any log or database table to retrieve per user activity log? I have single box Kaltura installation on Linux. Per user activity log, I mean a user open a video to play, whether play to complete, etc.

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It is not stored in a flat table. But you should either use the KMC analytics tab for getting the info or the API.
You can see examples here:

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Hi Jess,

For using KMC Analytics Tab, do you mean export to CSV? Looks like it only has content based information, and it does not have per user based information? For per user based, I mean I want to get information of user foo played video goo at 1pm. Thanks.



Under the ‘User & Community Reports’->‘User Engagement’ you should see the UserId who played the video.
This is provided the user was signed into Kaltura while playing it, of course.

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Cool, thanks Jess. :smile: