How to clear out "DELET FILE" jobs

Hi forum,

I have a clustered install of Kaltura CE 9.19.4

We have imported about 150,000 pieces of video and now i can see that the batch_job_sep table is HUGE!

We export everything to S3 then the video files are deleted from local NFS storage.

My problem is here:
every time the Delete file job starts it does successfully delete the file BUT it tries to run itself about 6 times per delete job

As a result the batch_job_sep table is FULL of “DELETE FILE” jobs with job_type of 31.

To give you an example i ran this query on the DB, notice the result.

mysql> select COUNT() from batch_job_sep where job_type=31;
) |
| 2519955 |
1 row in set (13.24 sec)

Can i go ahead and just delete all jobs in the Database of job_type 31 please? Is this enough to delete these jobs or do i have to do something else?

Thanks in advance :smile:


Hi Andrew,

I believe deleting the jobs should be fine. Please ensure you back up the tables just in case but should be enough. Let me know if you need any more help.