How to access media entries entitlements

I’m starting using Kaltura entitlements to manage content privacy contexts. What I need is only information on privacy contexts (some string IDs) associated with my content. I manage my end-users and their content rights in external system, I only need Kaltura to store association between content and some external ID. I thought privacy contexts would be a good way to do it (I like that subcategories inherit parent categories’ contexts and that you can assign multiple contexts to one category), but I’m stuck because I don’t know how to access information about media entries entitlements.

In knowledge center I found that (
"Categories may hold entitlement settings as well as specific end-user permissions. These entitlement settings and end-user permissions are inherited by media entries associated with these types of categories. "

While I can access privacy contexts associated with categories through API I was not successful in accessing information related to media entries. Is it true that they inherit entitlements from parent categories? How can I know which privacy contexts are associated with which media entries?

I even thought of doing two API calls - first getting media entry and then retrieving categories and their privacy contexts based on media entry categoriesIds - but it turns out this field only contains categories that don’t use entitlements (I guess this is on purpose?) - so it defeats the purpose…

Please advise - is there a way to get this info through API? Or what would be some other way of storing this kind of information in Kaltura (inherited from categories to media entries)?