How do i get the playlistAPI values to build a player with a playlist?

Hi all

I’m trying to adapt a PHP generated player to be able to deal with playlists but have been going around in circles for several days now, so time to call for help! :slight_smile:

When i call $client->playlist->get($entryId) i do get a valid playlist object returned, but i can’t see how to get from that to the “playlistAPI” object (or string) to add the the player embed js or html.

I see inside that playlist object an “executeUrl”, which looks quite similar to the examples, so i’ve tried replacing ‘k_pl_0_’ with just ‘kpl0’ (‘playlistAPI.kpl0’ for the flash version) and various other attempts to create a suitable “playlistAPI” but i just get an empty player with nothing listed and nothing playing.

Presumably i’m missing something big and probably obvious, but have been searching for an example or reference for this but to no effect…

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction, with thanks in advance,

jonny B

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Hi oferc, thanks for your speedy reply.

Yes, i have been through a lot recently, and that’s where i mostly got the clues i have so far, like finding that i need a kpl0Url for the flashvars.playlistAPI object, but i can’t find there or anywhere how you “officially” should calculate this.

Maybe i just need to hard code this in PHP and create the strings based on these examples if there’s not an API call to get them? (but i have already been trying that, unsuccessfully so far…)



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