How do I get a PlayList standalone URL, via the API?

Hi All,
I know how to upload media, and assign it to a playlist, all with the API. I can’t figure out how to generate a URL to the standalone player page. Like this one -

Any tips ?

You can use this API:

$shortlinkPlugin = KalturaShortlinkClientPlugin::get($client);
$result = $shortlinkPlugin->shortLink->listAction(null,null);

Would return something like the below
object(KalturaShortLink)#91 (10) {
string(5) “v2jx0”
string(24) ""
string(11) “KMC-PREVIEW”
string(117) ""

So, in this example, the entry is 0_6ze3eiea and tiny URL ID is “v2jx0” so calling:

Would return the embed page for it.

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Thanks Jess. I will see if I can attend. Another quick questions, do you know how to add a Media to a PlayList?

There doesn’t seem to be a KalturaPlayListEntry object.

You are probably looking for this:

$entry = new KalturaPlaylist();

//$entry->playlistType = KalturaPlaylistType::STATIC_LIST;
//$entry->playlistType = KalturaPlaylistType::DYNAMIC;
$entry->playlistContent = ‘’;
// if the content is dynamic, playlistContent is XML, is static, text.
$type = null;
$result = $client->baseEntry->add($entry, $type);

You can see various options and expiriement via the testme console under admin_console/index.php/index/testme

Service would be baseEntry, action would be add

What is the difference between static and dynamic list? Why is the content format different? Which structure is the XML? What do you mean by “TEXT” ? Just a list of strings? Separated by comma? Or spaces? Maybe line ends? WHO KNOWS! More mystery more fun, right?

On a serious note, working with your API is very frustrating. The documentation is extremely lacking. I don’t understand why. A few days investment by one of you developers could improve it 10 fold.

Thanks for your help.