How do i add more KMC Users to my Publisher?


I installed a new Installation of Kaltura Video Platform - Community Edition 12.2.0.
All seems fine but i cant create more than 10 Users to one Publisher.
After I create the 10th user, the “User add” button is no able to click.

Can i change this Problem?
And How?

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Please edit /opt/kaltura/app/alpha/lib/model/Partner.php and change:

        public function getAdminLoginUsersQuota()                       {return $this->getFromCustomData('admin_login_users_quota', null, 3);}

to read:

        public function getAdminLoginUsersQuota()                       {return -1;}

The limitation is set during deployment by processing:

We intend to change that soon but for now, I would not recommend manually updating the DB record where this value is kept since it is stored as serialized data and editing that is a bit tricky.
Changing the code above will make the function return -1 rather than look up the value in the DB. -1 will mean there will be no limitation enforcement on the number of users.

Note that if you’re only interested in increasing the number of KMC users for a partner, and NOT the number of admin console users, no code changes are needed. Simply go to admin console->publishers->your partner->from the actions column choose configure and look for “Number of administrative (KMC) users”, change from 10 to the number you’d like and save.

Thanks !

Now the System works fine :slight_smile:

Great Support :slight_smile:

Most welcome:)
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