How can i get the caption?

Hello, my videos have captions, I would like to get this automatically. Is there any method that returns me if that video has or not caption and also the path that it is?

Hi @matheusbzevedo,

Please see:
and: How can I change the closed captions language via the JavaScript API

Hi @jess,

I saw the links, none helped me. Do you have twitter or any other chat tool, if you can, can you ask me a few questions about it?

Please post your questions here and I’ll gladly respond.
Be specific as to what you’re trying to achieve so I can give you a focused answer.

I have two problems, the first is that I can not access an external script via flashvars and I do not quite understand the solutions given and the second is that I want to check if the file of that video has a caption and import from there, you see? but I would like to do all this from an external script.

Thank you very much in advance