How can I copy a player from a publisher in all other publishers?

I know that from the publisher template all data is copied to a new publisher. But once created, each publisher has its own player. If now I want to modify the player in all existing publishers (I want to add logo for example) How do I do it?

The same thing happens to me if I want to copy the configuration of one publisher in all the others.

Hi @angober,

You can use the API to update the player’s UI conf. See;step=1.
So, for each partner, you should first call uiConf.list(), passing a KalturaUiConfFilter object (here’s an example using the PHP client):

  $filter = new KalturaUiConfFilter();
  $filter->objTypeEqual = KalturaUiConfObjType::PLAYER;

then, iterate over all the returned objects and call uiConf.update() on each, passing the object ID and the new config.