Help with full user report

I would like to be able to issue full report where I can see full data
Each user, which videos watched, when, and total time per video
Can’t find such report in the analytics session
Please advise how can I get one

Hello @AviShus ,

From your description, it sounds as though you’re interested in the user engagement data (as displayed in KMC). see my response here: Help with generating user engagement report - #9 by nishchaya

Please note that KMC also makes use of the very same APIs available to you and so, any action KMC can perform can also be performed from a third party application. Further, since KMC is a JS app, you can inspect the different requests it issues by opening the dev tools and looking under the Network tab. This can help you understand what requests your code should make to obtain the same data.

Good morning
Thank you so much for replying
I’ve tried all possible repots in the system, and none of them provides me a detailed report as I need
The User Engagement reports provides me a summary per user (total views, total time) but not details
The only way I’ve found is to enter entry by entry (each video) and get a report per each
(there I see details per user)
If you can help me if there is other way I can get detailed report, that would be highly highly appreciated
Thank you again

Good morning
Checking again
Does anyone knows of a unique way to get this detailed report (something that is not possible in the existing product)
Thank you in advance for helping