Google Adsense kaltura integration

Hi, could i use google adsense VAST url to provide video overlay ads in kaltura and how can i achieve that

thanks in advanced

You can use our VAST plugin and set the “overlayUrl” property to your VAST tag.
A demo page:
This property can be easily set in the Studio under VAST > Overlay tab

thank you for replay, but how can i use this plugin at my katura installation, and if you can help me to discover what si the difference between google adsense and google doubleclick and why kaltura always talk about doubleclick integration only

Kaltura has tight integration with Google DoubleClick using its dedicated doubleClick plugin. For any other VAST ad providers, Kaltura provides a generic vast plugin to which I referred in my comment. You can look at the test page provided in the previous comment to see how to configure the generic vast plugin in your Kaltura installation. The plugin is bundled with the player - no further installation is required.