Get thumbnail by reference id possible?


Is it possible to grab a thumbnail using a reference ID instead of an entry ID?
eg of entry ID method:
<img src="" height="156" width="237">

This will be quite helpful for a smoother migration.

If it’s not possible I can do it via the api using something like the code below and grabbing the entry id first:
$result = $client->baseentry->listByReferenceId($refId, $pager);

Thanks in advance.

Hello @michael_hall,

You need to pass the entry ID to the thumbnail API.
Calling baseentry->listByReferenceId() is indeed one way to do it, if you’re running the Kaltura Server latest version [14.15.0], you may also use the eSearch service for that. Below are examples using the PHP client lib as well as curl CLI:


  $elasticSearchPlugin = KalturaElasticSearchClientPlugin::get($client);
  $searchParams = new KalturaESearchEntryParams();
  $searchParams->searchOperator = new KalturaESearchEntryOperator();
  $searchParams->searchOperator->operator = KalturaESearchOperatorType::OR_OP;
  $searchParams->searchOperator->searchItems = [];
  $searchParams->searchOperator->searchItems[0] = new KalturaESearchEntryItem();
  $searchParams->searchOperator->searchItems[0]->fieldName = KalturaESearchEntryFieldName::REFERENCE_ID;
  $searchParams->searchOperator->searchItems[0]->itemType = KalturaESearchItemType::EXACT_MATCH;
  $searchParams->searchOperator->searchItems[0]->searchTerm = $entry_ref_id;
  $pager = new KalturaPager();

  try {
    $result = $elasticSearchPlugin->eSearch->searchEntry($searchParams, $pager);
  } catch (Exception $e) {
    echo $e->getMessage();


curl -X POST \
    -d "ks=$KALTURA_SESSION" \
    -d "searchParams[searchOperator][operator]=2" \
    -d "searchParams[searchOperator][searchItems][0][objectType]=KalturaESearchEntryItem" \
    -d "searchParams[searchOperator][searchItems][0][fieldName]=reference_id" \
    -d "searchParams[searchOperator][searchItems][0][itemType]=1" \
    -d "searchParams[searchOperator][searchItems][0][searchTerm]=$ENTRY_REF_ID" \
    -d "searchParams[searchOperator][objectType]=KalturaESearchEntryOperator" \
    -d "searchParams[objectType]=KalturaESearchEntryParams"


Hi Jess

Thanks for this. I managed to get it working with $result = $client->baseEntry->listByReferenceId($refId, $pager);

I will try the eSearch version as well as it seems like it could be more flexible for me in the future.