Get object's ids from Playlist

Hi again,

I’m trying to get all Video Entries from a Playlist ( “Most Popular” ) but the xml data I receive ( I used a proxy to read the response ) doesnt seem to have anything relative.

My code is :

            KalturaClient client = AdminUserHandler.getClient();
            KalturaPlaylistService service = new KalturaPlaylistService(client);
            KalturaPlaylistListResponse response = service.list();

            for (KalturaPlaylist playlist: response.objects){
                if ("Most popular videos".equals( {
                    // Contenf of Playlist is XML if TYPE == DYNAMIC
                    Log.i(TAG, " Playlist.TYPE = " + playlist.playlistType);


and the data I get are all about the Playlists ( id, name, description, etc ). Should I use a filter to get the object ids of the Video entries for that specific playlist ? If so which service call should I use to retrieve them ?


Edit : I have gone through “Code recipes” and searched the Api Documentation but still cant find anything.