Get flavor asset absolute location

I am trying to get the flavor asset local file location via API with no luck so far.

anyone was able to do that?

Hi @benny_1,

That info is kept in the file_sync table, for instance:

mysql> select * from file_sync where object_id='0_62ko74sg'\G
*************************** 1. row ***************************
             id: 28549
     partner_id: 102
    object_type: 1
      object_id: 0_62ko74sg
        version: 100002
object_sub_type: 3
             dc: 0
       original: 1
     created_at: 2016-02-22 16:02:23
     updated_at: 2016-02-22 16:02:23
       ready_at: 2016-02-22 16:02:23
      sync_time: NULL
         status: 2
      file_type: 1
      linked_id: NULL
     link_count: NULL
      file_root: /opt/kaltura/web/
      file_path: /content/entry/bigthumbnail/0/2/0_62ko74sg_100002.jpg
      file_size: 51613
    custom_data: a:1:{s:5:"isDir";b:0;}
     deleted_id: NULL

Alas, there is no API to get that. Why do you need it, however? perhaps I can help you think of an alt solution…

I’ve also found the solution with the file_sync table.

what I need to do is to send the transcoded files to a remote FTP but using custom names, not the random ID Kaltura gives the files.

So, I locate the the local transcoded files and send them with a different name to the remote FTP.