Geographic Distribution not working when server is behnid ssl of-loader

If the server is behind a load balancer / ssl offloader “ZZ” wil be the only region reported regardless of client IP.

It would be great if the analytics gathering function could look for header “X-Real-IP” instead.
That would give you the right IP instead of the LB ones.


You can fix that with the apache mod_remoteip module.


Is that the approach recommended by Kaltura, or just work-around?


It is not a workaround.

It is the correct way to configure apache 2.4 behind a frontend and get the remote IP addresses. Same applies for any web server.
If you use nginx you must use this:

    real_ip_header X-Real-IP;
    real_ip_recursive on;


Hi @ArneWeise,

As David said, no workaround about it:) Configuring the mod_remoteip module will simply make Apache log the ‘real’ IP in the access log, which, of course, is useful for other things as well.