Generic OSMF plugin - newbie question


I am a Kaltura newbie. I have compiled the KDP using FB4.6 and was able to launch the player from the webpage ci_html-template.html (the rest of the html pages inside the KDP3/bin-debug/ folder did not work - I don’t know why. The player just did not load.). My question is about loading a generic OSMF plug-in on the KDP player. I tried the “flashvars” method mentioned here:

but it did not work. Here is the modified flashvars in ci_html-template.html:

					"&entryId=1_sjfe57ui"+  // 30 sec movie
					"&playlistAPI.kpl0Name=demo playlist"+

The “VideoQoSPlugin.swf” above is the one that is found in the OSMF/samples directory. The problem with the above is, when I open the webpage in firefox, it just freezes and I will have to kill the browser. If I remove the genericOSMF variables, then the player loads and plays fine. Is there anything that I have missed? Is there a way to debug/figure out what is happening? Thanks in advance.