Generating shortlinks using Test Me console


I’m attempting to generate shortlinks for every video in a specific category (approx 700 videos) using the Test Me Console.

I’m currently using the Multireqest service to:

  1. List all videos in the category using baseEntry, filtered using categoryAncestorIdIn

  2. Add shortlinks to the videos

My problem arises because I’m not sure how to pass data from the KalturaBaseEntryListResponse into the shortLink service in the Test Me Console. Is there a specific format to use when pulling information from the 1st multirequest in to the 2nd?


Hi @benmcramer,

The TestMe console, as its name implies, is meant for testing API operations:)
For tasks like this, you should use one of our API clients and write a script that makes the needed requests.

Please find a list of supported clients here:

In the API console, when selecting a service->action pair, you will also be able to generate the code for the client of your choice. That can expedite the development process considerably.

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