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I installed Kaltura Community Edition 12.0.0 and I uploaded some movies from KMC but how can I watch them like ? Is there any Fronted Video Portal in Kaltura Community Edition ?

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Yes, it’s called Kaltura Mediaspace, but it is not open source. You can try a trial version, please check here:

Indeed, you can view the document @amletoguerra linked to for details and also for a KMS showcase, like I said in LDAP- SSO - ADFS Features in Kaltura Community

Also, as mentioned in my previous reply, since all of Kaltura’s web I/F, including MediaSpace, perform their operations by making API requests, you can always build your own portal doing the same, as an alternative to purchasing MediaSpace.

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Is there any free portal for Kaltura Community ?

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No. Like I said before, you can create your own using the API.

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