Free Trial ending after fully being setup......Decided to use CE instead

  1. If we switch to CE will the player on our site be affected in terms of customization and usability how we had it set in the free trial version of the paid packages.

2.Am I understanding correctly that CE will be the same as paid versions with the difference that it all works on our servers.

  1. Will there be any challenges switching from a fully set up paid version to the CE.


RE #1 - you will need to reconfigure the player and any other customizations you’ve done on your free trial account on your CE, as well as import entries and metadata, if applicable. You can of course do so manually but you can also use the API to automate it.
RE #2 - CE has the exact same core code base as the Kaltura SaaS and gets bi monthly updates, just as SaaS does. Of course, with CE, upgrades will be done by you and you can of course use this forum for support. That said, DRM, high speed upload with Aspera and other paid services will not be available to you when using CE as these require licenses.

Thank you very much…we will give it a try.