Filter usage & bandwidth by categories/tags/objects

I know that some of the analytics functionality supports filtering by categories/tags.
However it seems to me that bandwidth & storage is not one of them.
Is there a way to achieve that? Do I need to analyze the log files by myself?

Hi @oferc1,

You cannot get this directly from the API.
You can start by looking at kalturadw.dwh_fact_entries_sizes.
This will give you the entry ID and sizes. Then you can look up the categories the entry is attached with.

Hope this helps,

Hi @jess - is it still not possible to get bandwidth consumption by entry or category via APIs? using VPAAS.
I’m trying to use report.getTotal w/ reportInputFilter on categories, or categoriesIdsIn, or entryIdIn, or objectIds for reportType 19, 26, 201 etc. and get an ‘internal server error’ response.
can share cURL to find the error, if it is actually possible