Failed to Create Objects (CSV Ingestion)


I was referred here by Joe from the European office. I am migrating or video content to Kaltura VPaaS and have been trying to get the csv ingestion to work.

My CSV is formatted correctly (based on the example CSV’s) and the process starts ok. In the entries tab I see new items with the correct Titles, they are assigned new entry ID’s too. However no actual video files are ingested. The log file completes with “Failed to Create Objects” and the entries simply have the status “Error”

I have tested the urls given in the csv via my web browser and they work with no problems. I can also wget them from other servers.

Please see attached screenshots. (Joe has a copy of the CSV as it is slightly more confidential)

Thanks in advance


Hello Mike,

I was able to use the CSV you sent Joe to ingest these entries onto my own partner.
I checked the logs from your original attempt and I see that, at the time, when our servers tried to download the source entries for the URLs specified in the CSV, access was denied [I am intentionally avoiding actual URLs in this post as it’s public and you obviously want to keep the info private] .
I suggest you try again, since now these URLs are accessible and return the files. Should you have additional issues, please send me a private message through the forum or else email Joe.

Please also note that under KMC->Content->Bulk Upload Log, you will be able to obtain the log for the bulk upload operation by selecting “Download Log File”, this often provides valuable info as to the cause of failure.

Hi Jess

Thanks for this. I have checked and ingestion seems to be working now. I am not sure why access would have been denied as the server holding the mp4’s is wide open on port 80.

Thanks for the help though. I am going to start with my first large CSV now. I will let you know how it goes.


Hi Mike,

Glad to hear we’re good. The problem was not that the domain was inaccessible over port 80 [TCP]… according to the error, an ACL rule was in place, we got:
Access denied | used Cloudflare to restrict access.

Aaaah, that makes sense. We have our dns through cloudflare and I accidentally had their cdn enabled for that sub domain. It didn’t give me any grief when I tried to access the video’s directly so I did not think anything of it. I did turn it off today simply because I don’t like it very much. I never thought to check kaltura again after that.

You live and learn. Thanks very much for the help.