External transcoder


Is ti possible to configure kaltura to use an external transcoder instead of the built-in ffmpeg?

Hi @benny_1,

It is technically possible but does not happen out of the box. As you know, the Kaltura server is all FOSS licensed under AGPLv3 so you can of course make any customizations you’d like and if you have specific questions, I will do my best to help you but officially, CE is only supported using the bundled FFMPEG [the kaltura-ffmpeg and kaltura-ffmpeg-aux packages] and in very specific cases, the mencoder version included in the Kaltura CE repo [the kaltura-mencoder package].

Kaltura has the support for Encoding.com (all code), but as Jess said this needs some configuration and debugging
Look in batch.ini for Encoding.com url/user/pwd
And you need to creat flavors that uses the encoding.com conversion engine (4)

That is all nice but what is really needed is the ability to use ffmpeg with hardware acceleration where possible, or directly using nvencoder.