Export/Import an entire publisher to another kaltura server

Hello everyone,
Is there a way to export and then import a publisher (including settings, uiconfs, entries, etc.) from one server to a different one?
Right now my CMS is bringing the contents of my Kaltura CE installation, but since I have a development environment too, I may end up deploying another Kaltura in another machine, for development purposes. The point of this is to migrate all the contents of a specific publisher from the development server to the production server.



You can import the data but you will not be able to preserve the original IDs for the partner, entries, ui confs, etc.
If you need to preserve the IDs, you can dump the DB contents from the dev machine, then drop the data currently on Prod [do not know if this is an option for you or not, do you need other data that is there?] and importing from the dump you took of dev and then, finally, syncing all the files under /opt/kaltura/web from old to new?

Hi Jess.
Dropping all the data on production might not be an option for me, since some users will upload their own content on publishers already created in production while I’m playing with the new publishers in development.
Keeping the original IDs is quite hard, I understand, but I can use that option, and then use a script to relate imported content to the CMS with imported content to the production server of Kaltura. If you don’t mind, can you tell me how can I do that?

As always, thanks for your answer ^^

Publisher has user data, uiconf, entry, flavors, file_sync info and the actual files. A lot of donkey work is needed to import the data. If you must, first create a publisher on new platform, so you have an id. Then filter out the publisher data from database (there are approx 10 tables to deal with). In this, replace the partner id and sub partner id etc for the publisher data. Modify the id number in the publisher data so that it doesn’t conflict with existing data.
While not a recommended way of doing things, this should get you through. And if the production server is being used while you are working, you will need to be careful about the ids you use or you will create a small mayhem.

Hi shaktidhar1.

First of all, thanks for you answer.
The point of my question was to know if there is an automatic method (via script or building a package and then deploying it…) to do what I’m asking to.
Your method involves, as you said, a lot of donkey work, because you have to do everything you said, plus some data you are forgetting about. I’m pretty sure you have to deal with more than 10 tables (if not all of them) so, in case of not being able to do it the easy way, I won’t create that development server.

Hi again.

@jess Sorry to bother you again, but you said that there is a way to do this (even if you lose the IDs). Do you mean there is a script or a process that does this? I can’t find anything like that.
How could you do that?

Thanks in advance.