Errors in Cron Jobs


I hope you can help! I am currently using Centos 6.4 with Kaltura v6.0.1 dev and MySQL 5.1.69 and am having some issues with the logrotate jobs running successfully, along with some issues with the analytics. When running the jobs listed in the kaltura_crontab the cron.log has an error ‘PHP Fatal error: Class ‘Zend_Config_Ini’ not found in /home/kaltura/app/infra/kConf.php on line 120’ when running the penultimate job ‘/opt/kaltura/app/plugins/sphinx_search/scripts/ /opt/kaltura/app/plugins/sphinx_search/scripts/configs/server-sphinx.php >> /opt/kaltura/log/kaltura_log_populate.log >> /opt/kaltura/log/cron.log 2>&1’.

There are also a couple of .log files that cannot be found when rotating, these are KGenericBatchMgr.log and kaltura_multi_publishers.log. Are these important? Do I need to create them manually / is there a job that should be running to create these files?

The analytics Cron jobs run with no logged errors until the etl_perform_retention when I get the following error

INFO 22-11 16:25:24,264 - perform retention policy - Starting entry [Move old partitions to archive]
ERROR 22-11 16:25:32,050 - Move old partitions to archive - An error occurred executing this job entry :
Couldn’t execute SQL: CALL move_innodb_to_archive()

Too many partitions (including subpartitions) were defined

I have tried adding partitons using this CALL kalturadw.add_partitions() and removing the locks from tables but without being able to get this to work,

Thanks for your time,