Error while logging in kmc


I am new to kaltura and I installed it in my aws instance through aws AMI. Now I am trying to login to kmc but it is saying Error #2048. I tried to dig this error and found out that it is not able to get crossdomain.xml. Can someone please help me to fix this 404 for crossdomain.xml

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.


In the shell on the server, run:
# . /etc/profile.d/kaltura*
# kaltlog

Then make the request and look at the log to find the error.
In parallel, also open the dev tools in your browser and look at the errors under the console and network tabs. Once you have the error, we can take from there.


Thank you so much for the help. I tried running same command with root user but I am getting below mentioned error:

[root@video ec2-user]# /etc/profile.d/kaltura*
bash: /etc/profile.d/ Permission denied

Can you please help me out here.

Thanks Again!

There is a ‘.’ and space before /etc/profile.d/ This means “sourcing” the contents of /etc/profile.d/ into the ENV, if you open the file, you’ll see it consists of ENV vars and aliases.
You’re not suppose to run it, just source it and then run kaltlog.