Error - No KS where KS is required

Hi folks,

I’m hoping you can help me out. A couple students at our university have reported an error “No KS where KS is required. We’re sorry, access to this content is restricted”. When trying to access the audio at the following link:

I tried googling the issue but ran across resources that seemed geared towards developers, which I am not. Do you have any suggestions for fixes that a user might implement to solve this problem? The problem seems particular to a couple students (rather than a problem with the site) as I’m able to play the audio normally in Chrome.



This is because this specific entry has an access control profile enabled for it. Check the KMC and click on the relevant entry, then, on the left pane, you will see ‘Access Control’ where you can see what profile is enforced for the entry. You can then remove it or else make needed changes to the profile.

Thank you very much, I will pass this on to the student.