Error: No KS where KS is required - Kaltura Player API (Javascript)

Hi all,

I’m new to using Kaltura Player API.

We have some videos on our KMC. I’m trying to load the videos with entryId and partnerId using Kaltura Player API Javascript.

We have different Access Control for different videos., for some, I’m getting this error.

Is there a way to load these videos on to our app without updating the Access Control? We want to keep our videos private and only accessible on our app with the API.

I tried google and many people talk about creating a Kaltura Session., I’m not sure how to do it or couldn’t find any info about it.

Could someone help me on how to do this or if this is possible?

Thanks a bunch.,

Hi @grip_sri,

You can learn about how to generate a Kaltura Session [KS] here:

When a KS is required, you simply need to set it under flashvars in your embed code, like so:

	    "targetId": "kaltura_player",
	    "wid": "_$partner_id",
	    "uiconf_id": $playback_ui_conf_id,
	    "flashvars": {
	    "cache_st": 1450868353,
	    "entry_id": "$entry_id"