Entry status change after all flavors converted


I need the entry status to change to ready only after all of the flavors have finished conversion.

Now, after the first flavor finished conversion the entry status changes to ready.

how can I change that?


Go to KMC->Settings->Transcoding Settings->Switch to Advanced mode->click on each flavour you want to be mandatory and then change “Impact on Entry Readiness” to “Required”


If I set 2 flavors as required I get this error:

Business decision layer, required flavor none complied: id[] flavor params id [6]video warnings: 2107,1950,2500#The target flavor bitrate (1950) does not comply with the requested bitrate (2500).

Yes. This is because not all source entries can be converted to all target flavours. Hence, if you define a flavour as mandatory and yet, it is impossible to transcode the source entry in accordance to its spec, you will get this error and the entry will never become ready.

I have also changed the flavor generation policy to force and that way it does work.

Yes, it will work but I’m not sure you want to do that, since the results might not be overly good…

I know, but it is the only option right now to get the ready notification when all of the flavor assets have been converted.