Entries of type image not being exported to S3


I can see video and audio files being exported to S3 but not images of an entry type image. Is it by design or am i missing something?



Hi, can someone help me out on this? Image entries are not being exported to S3, no jobs run for image entries.



Hi @abrar,

Indeed, there’s no code to handle that at the moment. It shouldn’t be hard to add, however. You’re more than welcome to submit a pull request to the server repo.


Hi @jess,

I am trying to look into kaltura server repo to see if i could fix it. Could you please give me some direction where should I look into.

I have configured PHPStorm to listen for debug sessions on scripts running via CLI from vagrant(kaltura local instance) but I could not figure out how /opt/kaltura/app/batch/batches/KScehduleHelperExe.php is being called from the server side, and IDE is unable to attach the debug session.

Any way how could i debug these daemons properly?



Hi @abrar,

The code that actually performs the file export is here:

The scheduler is here:

It is configured to run in /opt/kaltura/app/configurations/batch/batch.ini:

[KAsyncStorageExport : JobHandlerWorker]
id                                                  = 180
friendlyName                                        = Storage Export
type                                                = KAsyncStorageExport
maximumExecutionTime                                = 1800 
scriptPath                                          = batches/Storage/KAsyncStorageExportExe.php
params.chmod                                        = 755

In terms of debugging, the best place to start is the logs under /opt/kaltura/log/batch. Each worker has its own designated log file.


Hi @jess,

Thanks for the help. I am having a hard time understanding how Kaltura batch processing is happening I could reach those functions you mentioned above but even after spending quite a few hours on this i could not reach out where KalturaBatchJob() are being created for video media entries. I could see that there are APIs being called for ExclusiveJobs but as i am not able to debug this code through IDE its a bit difficult to follow the flow with logs or by just looking at the code.

I am trying to find out the first encounter where it is getting decided that this media entry(video entry) is eligible for having a batchJob having the data property of KalturaAmazonS3StorageExportJobData()



Hi @jess,

I have created a pull request for this, could you please give it a look?


Hi @abrar,

Surething:) Will do so shortly.

Thanks for contributing,


Hi @jess,

Thanks for the help. I was mistaken and did not notice kStorageExporter was an event handler class. There is now a new pull request.

Sorry I removed the previous commit in order to make this commit on the side branch so I could keep the main one up to date for more pull requests.

Here is the new commit