Enabling Kaltura Drop Folder and Add Content


I’m trying to enable the Drop Folder feature in my Kaltura CE server with no luck.
I’ve already read that it’s a paid service for those who use kaltura.com services, but I understood that I could enable it in my CE server somehow, but I can’t find any information about how to do this.

Another question in the same topic:
After adding a Media Entry I’d like to use the addContent method to connect the entry to an actual video in the Drop Folder.
However, I’d like to have inner directories inside the Drop Folder, and I’ve seen that the addContent recieves a KalturaDropFolderFileResource object which accepts only a ‘dropFolderFileId’ parameter.
What is this parameter and how can I tell to Kaltura that it’s within inner folders (because if it’s just a name… then it’s not sufficient)?

Thanks for helpers!

In the admin console of kaltura ce, goto the partner you want to enable, select “configure” (on the right most drop down)
and check the ingest from drop folders

Ok thanks, done that. Now I can finally see the Drop Folder in the KMC, though I get the following message:

The drop folder capability allows you to easily trigger content ingestion by dropping files into a folder in your environment. To enable this capability for your account, contact us

Does it mean that the feature is not enabled?

Regarding the flow itself…
I’m not quite sure about the flow of using the Drop Folder programatically.
Please note I don’t want to use the auto generation of the media entry that the drop folder supplies; I want to do it all by myself through my code: I want to manually drop a folder inside a drop folder, and then create an entry in Kaltura and connect it to this file.

I’ll describe the API calls I thought of, and what info I’m missing:

  1. dropFolder.add (is the path I’m giving in is going to be the folder path inside dropfolders directory?)
  2. Manually drop a folder in the drop folder (e.g. abc.mp4)
  3. media.add (to get entryId)
  4. dropFolderFile.add (with dropFolderId and entryId. How do I connect it to the abc.mp4 file I dropped manually?)
  5. media.addContent (connect the folderFile with the media entry)


Lets finish the drop folder definition. I see that in this version ( I didnt do that for a while) you ave a config option next to the checkbox line, meaning you probably need to define a drop folder configuraion

You’re right.
I managed to create a drop folder (of type Local) via this config screen.

However, there’re some parameters I don’t really know how to configure.

Conversion Profile ID: left it as Passthrough - can’t find any docs regarding this. Should I create my own conversion profile ID and assign it instead?

Ingestion Workflow: Content

Content Match Policy: match existing or keep in folder (I want to put the file in the filefolder first, and then programatically create media entry, DropFolderFile, etc… the workflow I described in the previous comment. So is it the right configuration?)

Drop Folder Batch Jobs Datacenter Location: I wrote 0, read that in Stackoverflow.

Drop Folder Storage Path: I wrote some path, but I can’t seem to find the folder anywhere in the server (I expected it would be created in dropfolders/the/path/I/gave/{drop folder name}, but it doesn’t exist anywhere.)

The conversion profile can be seen in the KMC>settings>Transcoding Settings>Switch to advance
The transcoding profiles are the conversion profiles

The drop folder path should be absolute path on the server.

But why do you need to addcontent by yourself, why not let the drop folder ingestion do thta for you?
With the xml method you can determine things like name, description, etc…

@KalturaFan Maybe the absolutete path on the server does not have write permissions for what ever is writing the file from Kaltura’s side?
@oferc1 regarding the xml can you explain a bit more? Im working together with @KalturaFan on an opensource js centric wrapper so for us it would be more native to write jsons or interact with the api to provide the file metadata…

@oferc1 I assume the process doing the inject is the batch daemon - is that typically run with root permissions or with a “kaltura” user?

It runs under kaltura.
Can you elaborate on what you want to achieve.
(regarding the metadata you mentioned in your previous post)

  1. @replay already explained why we want to create the entries manually and not let the ingestion process do that for us…

  2. so regarding the other properties:

    • If I leave the ‘drop folder path’ empty, will it be located at root then? Becuase I’ve seen that there’s already a “dropfolders” folder in the server, I’d expect the dropfolders to appear there… Else, what’s the purpose of this folder?

    • Regarding the ingestion workflow and content match policy, have I configured it properly?

    • Still waiting for an answer regarding the API workflow I wrote above… :wink: Thanks!