Embed html5 player

I just want to embed any video from http://videos.kaltura.com after find it through PHP SDK by video ID.
How I can do this?
I tried like this:
                ‘targetId’: ‘myEmbedTarget’,
                ‘wid’: ‘_811441’,
                ‘uiconf_id’: ‘25261581’,
                ‘entry_id’: ‘1_t639cee3’,
                ‘flashvars’: {// flashvars allows you to set runtime uiVar configuration overrides.
                    ‘KalturaSupport.LeadWithHTML5’: true,
                    ‘LeadWithHTML5’: true,
                    ‘autoPlay’: false
                ‘params’: {// params allows you to set flash embed params such as wmode, allowFullScreen etc
                    ‘wmode’: ‘transparent’
I see that on http://videos.kaltura.com it embed as html5, but on my page it always embed flash player instead of html5

Hi there,

How did you create the player? perhaps you used the Flash Studio? you should use the HTML5 or, universal Studio as it is sometimes called.

Hi jess!
I used universal Studio for create HTML5 player. Here it’s ID - 28941931. but when I embed video with this id I see error - Unknown uiConf [28941931]
When I tried to embed my videos it works fine with HTML5 player. But other videos occurs error.
I need universal uiconf_id to embed any video. Is it possible?

Hey, what do you mean by ‘other videos’?

any video from http://videos.kaltura.com/


you can only use a UI conf that is defined on the same server as the video and that your partner owns.

So I can’t embed any video as html5 player? it will depends from partner’s UI conf?
And how can I get partner’s UI conf ID?

My algorithm looks like this:
I input kaltura video url on my site, parse it, get video info using PHP SDK and then embed to my site. The thing is that I can’t get UI conf ID from SDK, isn’t it?

You can. There is a service called uiConf. You can use it to get, add, list, etc.