Easiest way to update Kaltura

Can Kaltura be updated in place as many other applications or does each update require wiping the system, installing a fresh CentOS and then Kaltura? I am hoping that there is a non destructive way to upgrade an in place install.

Can certainly be upgraded. This is documented here:


I saw those posts but they led me to believe that this was upgrading via doing a fresh install. I was looking for a single executable type upgrade that would run a script or scripts to update the installed version to the latest version, not a step by step command line update process. That is almost as complex as wiping the server and starting over. Perhaps a single executable script would be a better way to go for those that are not programmers to run an update?

For a single instance, all you need are these commands:

# yum update "*kaltura*" -y
# /opt/kaltura/bin/kaltura-config-all.sh

You will then be prompted with questions, you can use an answer file to automate the process so you won’t have to interactively answer them. This is documented here:


# aptitude update
# aptitude install ~Nkaltura
# dpkg-reconfigure kaltura-base
# dpkg-reconfigure kaltura-front
# dpkg-reconfigure kaltura-batch

if you want, you can put these commands inside a shell script.