E-mail ingestion upload


I see there is an option of content ingestion - email upload in the configuration of the publisher in Kaltura 11

where do I configure the email address?


I really wouldn’t recommend using email as means of ingestion. Can you please share the scenario you’re trying to address? I’m pretty sure we can find a better way.


sending a video directly from a mobile phone.
it is not possible to login to the UI

Hi @benny_1,

Sorry for the delay in response. When you say “it is not possible to login to the UI” do you mean the KMC since it is written in Flash? if so, then you can either use https://github.com/kaltura/chunked-file-upload-jquery, put the code on your webserver and simply direct mobile users to the index page or you can use the mobile SDK to write a small app that will do the same.

We’ve also began work on KMC-ng which will no longer require Flash at all and so will be usable from mobile devices as well.